The new ‘Black Panther’ is mostly being hailed as a triumph/a great tribute to Chadwick Boseman — but there are still some who aren’t happy with how the page was turned.

Indeed … the #RecastTChalla crowd is out in full force right now on Twitter — this after ‘Wakanda Forever’ hit theaters this weekend — and they’re voicing their ongoing grievances about Marvel/Disney choosing not to find a new lead hero in the wake of CB’s real-life death.

They’ve been on this for a while now, with their main argument being that the character is bigger than just Chadwick alone … something Kevin Feige and co. firmly disagreed with.

Now that the sequel is out, the #Recast crew feels like their argument is even stronger than ever … pointing out what they see as holes and flaws in the new flick that they think a simple recast would’ve fixed. At this point, we’re getting into ***SPOILERS AHEAD***

You can hop into the trend yourself to see all the points, but basically … super fans just aren’t happy with how T’Challa’s death is addressed, probably because they never quite explain what killed him — other than to mention some vague disease he succumbed to.

There is certainly a lot of onscreen mourning, and Chadwicks’ shadow looms large as the backdrop — but you never hear his voice in the film … only silent flashbacks/montages. Some say there should’ve been more of a creative effort to actually have him reappear/speak on camera somehow — like Carrie Fisher did in ‘Rise of Skywalker’ — but it never happens.

There’s also the issue of Letitia Wright/Shuri — who, in fact, becomes the new Black Panther … but literally just for the last 30 minutes or so, and only has one big fight sequence before she loses the suit. It’s badass, but super brief — and a fair amount of people feel like there simply wasn’t enough Black Panther in ‘BP’ … so they’re complaining about this too.

Last but not least — and this one is a *HUGE SPOILER* — there’s a new “T’Challa,” of sorts, that’s introduced at the very, very end in the post-credits scene … T’Challa’s son, Toussaint.

Essentially, they tease the notion that the kid will one day become the new king of Wakanda/assume the Black Panther mantle … which effectively means more movies, etc.

Don’t worry, there are more spoilers we didn’t address here — and even though there’s a group that isn’t too pleased with Chadwick’s sendoff, there are even more who dig it. Plus, the film is on track to clean up at the box office … it’s already raked in $84 mil domestically.


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