Jamie Foxx apparently misses the 2000s, when things were simpler and when he was rolling in the good times … a stark contrast to what he says is the overall climate right now.

We got the A-lister Friday as he was leaving lunch in Bev Hills, and asked about Takeoff‘s murder — over which he sent condolences … but it also launched him into a train of thought about what he considers a massive cloud of negativity that’s hovering above Hollywood.

Jamie suggests there’s a general heaviness among his celebrity pals these days — especially rappers, it seems — that’s leading to some dark moments and tragedies … which he says could be avoided if everyone just went back to having fun again like they used to.

He talks about making records and partying it up … implying that camaraderie and light-heartedness are long gone in 2022 among his music industry peers. Instead, we’re seeing more killings than ever … not to mention more controversies than ever, a la Kanye West.

JF tells us he’ll never speak ill of his brothers — Kanye included, with whom he’s made a handful of hits over the years — but does say he thinks the solution to all the rancor and handwringing that seems to consume everyone lately is a little more focus on positivity and less attention on the ugly side of things … particularly when it comes to the media.

While Jamie is right about the world changing since the aughts, his desire to roll back the clock is probably a pipe dream. With the advent of social media/tech, Trump-fueled politics and huge societal shifts in attitude about what’s acceptable and not … something tells us we’re never going back. With that said, his sentiment is certainly appealing and nostalgic.

In the meantime, he’s a throwback to those peak Jamie Foxx days. If only, if only …


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