Flavor Flav‘s beef with Spirit Airlines is making him a hot commodity with a rival carrier — Southwest Airlines has entered the chat and it comes bearing valuable gifts.

Sources close to the rap icon/reality TV star tell TMZ … Flav and his camp were contacted by a Southwest honcho after they got wind of his Las Vegas airport rant after missing a Spirit flight.

We’re told the exec is a friend of someone on Flav’s team, and made him an offer you’d think he simply can’t refuse — flying for free with Southwest whenever he wants.

TMZ broke the story … the Public Enemy rapper lost his cool, when he was denied entry to his Spirit flight. He claimed the agent shut the door in his face, setting off a heated back and forth.


Spirit investigated the incident and decided the customer was right — the airline refunded FF and upgraded him to “Gold”, its highest frequent flier tier.

Now that the dust has settled, Flav’s got options! A rep tells us he’s getting an outpouring of love from flight attendants with several airlines — including Delta and American. Southwest even sweetened the pot, throwing in a buddy pass to go with his free ride.


Flav has a good history with Southwest — he played honorary flight attendant during a past flight into Vegas — so, maybe the airline is in the driver’s seat for his business.

Either way, he’s coming out as the winner after that Spirit rant.



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