Cher and Alexander Edwards had people’s jaws on the floor after being spotted gettin’ cozy together over the last few weeks … and we’re told this isn’t for show — it’s the real deal.

Sources with knowledge tell TMZ … despite the fact Alexander is a Universal Music exec, the 2 aren’t working on any projects together.



We’re told they’ve spent A LOT of time together over the last couple of months at Cher’s Malibu home … the one that’s currently on the market for $85 mil!!!

The couple first met at Rick Owens‘ Paris fashion show back in September … where Cher and Tyga snapped some pics together.

As we reported, Cher and Alex — 40-year age difference and all — had a fun night in WeHo earlier this month … hittin’ up a couple of spots with Tyga — before the 2 headed back to her pad for the night.

They also had a 3-hour dinner date last week, so things seem to be going well. Who says age matters?!?



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