Elon Musk‘s Content Moderation Council will be nothing more than a paper tiger, because the Chief Twit himself told his staff … the ultimate power on what goes on the platform and what doesn’t rests squarely with him.

New video obtained by TMZ shows Elon talking to bird app staffers Saturday in a company Zoom chat. At one point, EM touched on the Council he promised late last month.

Watch … Elon says there will, in fact, be a Council — but he makes it clear it’s advisory only … he will pick the members and can either accept or reject their advice … he’ll make the call.

Since announcing the Council — which was seemingly meant to calm the waters with folks concerned about misinformation/hate speech on the platform — Elon has made A LOT of sporadic decisions about how Twitter will work, and who gets to tweet.

He’s suspended users and then reinstated them, seemingly on a whim. Over the weekend he asked users to vote on whether Donald Trump should be reinstated — a slim majority turned thumbs up and Elon gave the green light for his return.

Two points — first, Elon never said he’d adhere to the will of the majority … and that’s consistent with his view of the Council. Second, Trump has said he’ll decline the invitation, but the reality is … he’ll almost certainly return because that’s where he can reach voters.

Twitter’s been the Wild West in the Musk Era thus far, and it sounds like he’s gonna keep playing Sheriff, Mayor and Governor.



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