Rules and protocols surrounding the COVID pandemic continue to be an issue for the Brown family. In the past few seasons of Sister Wives, several members of the family have seemed at-odds over how each respective household handled COVID, social distancing, and isolating.

In a new YouTube recap of the show, Gwendlyn Brown — the 21-year-old daughter of Kody and his ex-wife, Christine Brown — was asked by a fan which members of her family were vaccinated.

“Of my parents, I’m pretty sure all of them except Robyn and my dad are vaccinated. Those two don’t believe in vaccines, which is really ironic considering everything that’s been going on on the show,” Gwendlyn said. “And I’m sure some of the more evangelical parts of our family also chose not to get vaccinated because of religious reasons and personal oppositions to it. But most of us are vaccinated.”

Gwendlyn added that she wasn’t sure why Kody couldn’t meet more with some of his kids outside and distanced, saying, “I think that it’s just because he prefers to spend time with Robyn’s side of the family — and that’s it.”

Kody cited numerous times on the TLC series that he isolated from other members of his family due to them socializing during COVID or traveling. He noted that because Robyn had younger children, he wanted to keep them safe. His decision to spend more time with Robyn and her children led to estrangement between both Kody and several of his wives and many of his older kids who felt he was using the pandemic as an excuse to spend more time with Robyn.

In season 17 of Sister Wives, Robyn, Kody, and several of their children contracted COVID, and Robyn ended up hospitalized and struggling to breathe.

And though many of Kody’s older children were opposed to his rules, his daughter, Mykelti Padron, recently defended him during a Crowdcast Live.

“First off, TLC had very specific rules and guidelines that they gave my entire family in order for the entire crew to keep working. Because if my family got COVID, the crew couldn’t work,” she said. “My dad enforced those rules, which means he was put on by the bad guy because he enforced the rules that TLC gave. The show cannot say, ‘TLC gave us these rules.’ So what do they say? They say, ‘Kody gave us these rules.'”

The tension in the family over COVID led to Kody’s split from Christine in 2021 and his separation from Janelle in 2022. He has also since split from wife Meri Brown. Robyn is his only remaining wife.


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