One of the best feelings at the gym is when you’re able to take your workout to the next level. Whether it be a faster minute per mile, squatting a heavier weight or finally pulling off that pull-up, there’s something extra satisfying about hitting your new personal best. And if you’re constantly trying to improve your workout, there could be something holding you back: your footwear.

The right sneaker makes all the difference between a good workout and a stellar one. Running sneakers and shoes for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) need to be sturdy with adequate cushioning. Walking and hiking shoes should have proper traction and a cushioned heel. Weight lifters need shoes that are durable and give them adequate support. But just as important as function during a workout, is a stylish shoe that you’ll want to wear again and again — like Khloe Kardashian’s favorite Adidas or Lady Gaga’s trail runners.

If you’re on the hunt for some new workout trainers, look no further. Below we’ve rounded up the best workout shoes for women to hit the gym hard this year.


These sneakers basically have everything you’d want in a workout shoe: a cushioned sole, breathable mesh fabric, ankle padding for support and a shock absorbing midsole. And they come in 14 brilliant color combinations.



Like the name implies, you’ll feel like you’re working out on top of a cloud when wearing these cushiony shoes. The shoes also have some spring to give you bounce for running and HIIT.



Despite their light weight, these trainers from lululemon offer stability and support. These sneakers can keep up with your workout needs from jumping to running to everything in between.


Under Armour

Super springy, these shoes are designed to reduce impact and move your forward during your workout.


Dick’s Sporting Goods

These sneakers hug your foot so you feel stable your whole workout even during your fastest movements. The spring from the sole will give you the extra oomph for that one last rep.



Inspired by the 70s, these running sneakers pack a punch at the gym. While they’re great for a workout, they’re so cute you’ll want to wear them out all day.



Made with a foam sole, these Ryka training shoes will form to your foot for ultimate comfort.



Prefer an outdoor workout? These Saucony shoes have incredible traction and a grippy rubber sole.



A rubber sole on these Reebok sneakers give you stability and security during your next bootcamp fitness class.



Grab these kicks specifically designed for multi-functional athletes in one of 17 different color combinations.



The soles of these trainers are cushioned with FuelCell foam which is springy to propel you forward during workouts, but the best part of these sneakers has to be the colorful tie-dye pattern on the heel.



Wear these sneakers for an intense workout at the gym or when you’re be on your feet all day at work. They can take on your busy day while still being stylish.



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