Airris’ family are not exactly onboard with his wedding to Jasmine. In an exclusive look at Wednesday’s Married at First Sight, Jasmine meets up with Airris’ mom and cousins for lunch to get to know each other a bit after their on-the-spot nuptials.

“Does it seem real?” Airris’ mom asks her new daughter-in-law.

“Oh, it definitely seems real,” Jasmine responds. “I felt that when I was coming down the aisle. It was like my aha moment, when I was coming down the aisle, like, ‘Ok, there’s my husband, there’s people here. It’s really happening.'”

While Airris’ mom appears to be taking it all in, his cousin had a slightly different response to the wedding. When a producer asks cousin Fallina what she thinks of Jasmine, she uncontrollably laughs and walks out of frame.

“It’s just so funny because you said wife,” Fallina says. “It’s truly unbelievable. Crazy.'”

Fallina had her own questions for the new bride, asking Jasmine why having a husband is so important for her at this time in her life.

“I feel like I’m in a stage in my life where I’m happy with everything that’s going around me, and the only thing I’m missing is my person,” Jasmine responds. “The only think I’m missing is starting a family. The only thing I’m missing is [to] have someone depend on me as much as I depend on them.”

Now that they’ve said, ‘I do,” Airris and Jasmine are set to move in together, but Jasmine drops a bomb when she reveals that she moved out of her ex’s home just seven months ago.

“Are you truly done with that situation?” Fallina asks after hearing that shocking bit of information.

“It is fresh, but I feel like in relationships, the breakup is just a timestamp, but mentally, physically and emotionally, you have broken up before you actually break up,” Jasmine explains.

The answer seems rehearsed to Airris’ family who calls Jasmine “a pageant sister,” poking fun at both her background in the pageant world and her ability to answer any question with the right answer.

“You know, it’s just like, a lot of times in that pageant world, or what’s portrayed to us on TV is that like, you’re ready to answer a question with that’s considered to be the right answer,” Fallina says.

She continues, “This is like, a huge step that you’re taking right now. So, when you really processing these questions that you’re being asked or you really thinking about these possible challenges that could be coming up, this is really your life.”

“I’m going to be praying it works out,” Fallina adds.

See their full conversation when Married at First Sight airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. on Lifetime.


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