Emma Roberts is both a rom-com fan and star, which makes sense considering she comes from the same family as rom-com legend Julia Roberts. In fact, Emma, 31, recently revealed that one of her Aunt Julia’s hit films tops her list — 1997’s My Best Friend’s Wedding.

While appearing on Tuesday’s Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, Emma and fellow guest Julie Bowen were attempting to guess the titles of various rom-coms when the classic film starring Julia, 55, and Dermot Mulroney came up. Emma shouted out the title, declaring, “That’s my favorite!”

Ronald Siemoneit/Sygma/Sygma via Getty Images

Later in the episode, Emma was also asked about famous roles she missed out on, and she mentioned Wendy in Peter Pan.

Bowen asked, “The one that your aunt played Tinkerbell?” referencing the 1991 film Hook.

“I was not born then,” Emma admitted as Cohen and Bowen groaned. She explained she meant the 2003 film starring Jeremy Sumpter.

In her new rom-com, Maybe I Do, Emma does have some famous ties to her Aunt Julia. Actor Richard Gere plays her father in the movie after previously playing Julia’s love interest in both Pretty Woman and Runaway Bride.

“I saw Runaway Bride and obviously Pretty Woman and so to have him be playing my dad now feels full circle in the Roberts family,” Emma recently told ET Canada.


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