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Spending bright spring days outside, we’ve found that the simpler the beauty routine, the better. Between transitional weather and fluctuating temperatures, sometimes you don’t feel like doing heavily layered makeup looks everyday throughout the springs months — which makes multifunctional beauty products all the more essential.

Enter in: tinted moisturizers with SPF. The all-in-one makeup product does actually exist — despite sounding way too good to be true — and it manages to combine the benefits of a nourishing moisturizer with that of a classic color tint and (bonus!) SPF for added skin protection, too.

Some of today’s biggest beauty brands have tapped into the all-in-one product trend with variations of their own tinted, SPF-infused moisturizers — including Rare Beauty, ILIA, Tower 28, Lanc?me, Laura Mercier, and NARS among others.

We’ve rounded up our picks for the best tinted moisturizers with SPF to incorporate into your skincare routine this spring. And while you’re here, be sure to check out the best spring beauty deals this week, and stock up on the best sunscreens for complete protection.


This liquid-loved formula offers light coverage and a radiant, nourished finish on the skin.



Tap into the natural-looking benefits of this full-coverage, liquid solution.



Treat your skin to a dual-purpose touch, with this fragrance-free mineral sunscreen foundation and base formula from Tower 28 Beauty.



Get a Hollywood-approved glow with this top-rated solution from Laura Mercier.



This mineral color-corrector provides broad coverage, all while appealing to a number of different skin types.



Vitamins A, C and E are all incorporated into this nourishing solution from Neutrogena.




The Hailey Bieber-approved EltaMD sunscreen protects against the sun while containing hyaluronic acid to promote hydration and soothe the skin.


Tarte Cosmetics

Tarte’s cult-favorite primer boasts a triple-B complex which works to minimize the appearance of fine lines.



Even out skin tone and work with a buildable, sheer base with Milk Makeup’s Sunshine Skin Tint Clean SPF 30 Foundation.



Not only does this ILIA Beauty serum skin tint offer radiant coverage on the skin, but it also boasts a number of active skincare ingredients within its formula, too — including hyaluronic acid.



Treat your skin to a sheer, non-greasy color-corrective cream that aims to refresh and purify the skin.



The NARS lightweight tinted moisturizer boasts a number of skin-brightening properties like vitamin C — plus, a protective element with SPF.



Leave it to Lanc?me to craft a tinted moisturizer product that’s equal parts nourishing and radiant — with antioxidants, SPF and hyaluronic acid ingredients all infused into the formula.



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