Spring is truly one of the most evocative seasons when it comes to scents. From newly budding flowers and fresh fruits to green earth and cleansing rain, we can practically smell the arrival of springtime. While we wait for longer days and warmer nights, you can bring the renewing energy of spring indoors with a new scented candle.

Lighting a candle not only fills our home with our favorite scents, but also lends a cozy ambiance and relaxation to any space. This season, we’re celebrating the arrival of spring with heady florals, uplifting citrus and grounding earthy musks. There are hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of scented candles to choose from, but we’ve rounded up 15 of our favorite scents for celebrating the new season at every price point.

From Yankee Candle and Bath and Body Works steals to higher-end options from Diptyque and LAFCO, you’re sure to find your next signature home scent with our picks for the best spring candles.


“Smells like tomatoes on the vine, summer days, and all those lovely outdoorsy smells,” wrote one happy reviewer of this candle from Boy Smells. “It’s pricey but I think worth it. A lovely candle to keep in the kitchen and burn all year round.”



Not only is this iridescent vessel absolutely gorgeous, but it also perfumes your home with the scents of sparkling wine, grapefruit and barrel oak.



Spring into the new season with the uplifting aromas of lemon and lavender.



Florals are a must for spring, and this peony, camelia and rose water scent comes in a reusable hand-blown glass jar.



This peach bellini-scented candle is bound to put you in a better mood in an insant.



This sultry blend of ripe blackberries, soft jasmine and comforting amber is the ultimate bedroom fragrance.



Brighten up rainy days with a sparkling grapefruit scent from beloved candle brand NEST.



Awaken your senses with aromas of coffee, caramel and cinnamon.



Juicy, tart blackcurrant berries and romantic rose make this longtime favorite candle a sensual choice for spring.



Fill your home with the cult favorite scent of Le Labo Santal 26 — made from 100% soy wax.



The SKYLAR Vanilla Sky Candle is arguably one of the internet’s most loved candles. Made from a soy coconut wax, it’s sure to fill your home with a warm, cozy aroma.



Get your hands on one of Bath and Body Works’ best-selling candles, an enchanting blend of refreshing woods and frosted lavender.



We’d get this candle for the hand-painted vessel alone, but the unique bergamot and fresh fig scent is equally as lovely.



Manifest sunny days with a warm blend of basil, water orchid and patchouli.



Bergamot, neroli, green tea and lilac come together to create a truly joyful fragrance in your home.



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