Oussama’s true intentions may be coming to light. On Sunday’s episode of 90 Day Fianc?: The Other Way, Oussama insisted to Debbie that he now wanted to live in the United States despite her already moving to Morocco to be with him, and she said he had totally changed from the person he was when they were dating long-distance.

Oussama and Debbie, who have a 43-year age difference, haven’t been seeing eye to eye since she moved to his home country. Although her plan was always to live in Morocco with Oussama, he suddenly noted that he now wanted to come to the United States to work as a painter and a poet to secure his future. His explanation was that people in America valued art and he can make money there as opposed to in Morocco. Debbie was not on board and said she was not going to support a man.

“I’m not going to marry a person that wants a visa and just wants to go to the United States,” she bluntly told him.

Oussama said he would end their relationship if that’s the case. Debbie told cameras she was “disgusted” that Oussama’s main agenda was getting a green card and said that that hadn’t come up in their three years of dating.

“I’m using every bit of my self-control not to knock him into next week,” she said. “It’s like, you’re scum of the earth.”

Debbie told Oussama he should be ashamed of himself and that he lied to her. Oussama didn’t bother arguing and sarcastically agreed with her that he was “creepy” and did her dirty. He also accused her of lying and claimed she agreed to take him to the U.S. Debbie ended up asking him to call her a cab and called the situation “disgusting.” She said she was packing up her suitcases and getting a hotel and was “parting ways” with him.

“I came in here with good intentions and a belief that something like age didn’t matter,” she told cameras. “I feel used right now. And guess what? I deserve it — for believing in him.”

Later, Debbie talked to her son, Julian, who had doubts about the relationship from the start. Debbie said she and Oussama were “not together right now” and that he was not the same person he was online. She was particularly concerned that he always seemed to be different during the nighttime.

“I’m afraid of the dark here in Morocco,” she told him. “It’s like, he changes completely.”

Debbie said she had moved out of his parents’ house and was sad because she was just looking for her “happily ever after.” Julian said he wasn’t going to tell her ‘I told you so’ because they needed to come up with a plan. Debbie said she was still trying to process her emotions since everything for her changed in an instant. Julian said she needed to cut ties with Oussama but Debbie was resistant.

“We had so much good times together — the laughter, the joking, and he read me the most beautiful poetry that he wrote for me and then he turns into a cold-blooded serpent,” she noted. “I didn’t know what to think … and I still don’t.”

“I’m mourning the loss of my best friend,” she also told cameras. “Now it’s like, ‘Debbie, just stop, leave, go home.’ But I don’t know if I’m ready to do that. I miss my buddy, you know? You know, it wasn’t about a physical relationship that I miss the most, it’s like, I miss my friend.”

ET spoke to Debbie about this season of 90 Day Fianc?: The Other Way, and she addressed some viewers’ concerns about Oussama saying in an episode that he has a “madness” inside of him. “Yes, he has often mentioned that he has some kind of madness and then even tells me, ‘Debbie, you have madness,’ and it became kind of a catchphrase, but I understood him to be kind of like the lone wolf in his community and he didn’t have what we have — avenues to explore your talents and some place to go and talk to people,” she said. “They don’t have therapy over there and if they did, you’d probably be run out of town for trying to get therapy, but I’m all about supporting artists and people that have been hurt and stepped on by society. … People can be very vicious and it’s like, I wanted Oussama to bloom as a person because he had been down.”

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