With The Other Two finally returning with season 3 on May 4, fans are about to get a double dose of Brandon Scott Jones. Not only does he play Curtis on the HBO Max series, but he has recently enjoyed breakout success as Isaac on the CBS comedy Ghosts, which wraps its second season on May 11.

On the latter, Jones plays one of many ghosts trapped in a mansion inherited by a New York couple. Over the course of the first two seasons, the once-closeted Revolutionary War captain has recently started dating another spirit, a Redcoat officer named Nigel (John Hartman), as the two have embraced their romantic feelings for each other.

Meanwhile, on the HBO Max series from creators Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider, the actor appears as a fellow struggling actor and supportive gay best friend to Carey (Drew Tarver), one of two siblings who is still trying to make it in Hollywood while his younger brother, Chase (Case Walker), and mother, Pat (Molly Shannon), both easily succeed in the industry. This season, Curtis’ loyalty is tested after Carey gets a taste of the limelight — and even becomes a little more competitive.

While speaking to ET, the actor teased what’s to come on both shows, especially as both series see big changes for his characters moving forward.

ET: We’ve seen Curtis go from what felt like a couple of scenes in season 1 to having much more of an arc in season 3. Can you kind of talk about what it’s been like to expand the character over the course of the series, and for Curtis to have more to do this season?

Brandon Scott Jones: It’s great because, I’m sure I’m biased, but I love this show so much and I love the relationship that Curtis has with Carey. And I think this season has been really nice ’cause you get to see a little bit more of Curtis’ life outside of that relationship. It’s been really cool to sort of play with these levels and explore a dynamic and a friendship that I think is very real, which is what happens when one person gets a little bit of success, and what happens when another person is trying to play catch up and what does that mean and how does that affect that relationship?

That’s been the most fun thing to get to play — a few more levels of that because a lot of times there’s a lot of TV shows when there’s more than one queer character and they have the instinct to get them together romantically. And I think this show has never felt that, but the relationship that we have is still complex and dynamic. So, I’m hoping that this season we just get to add more levels to it.

Greg Endries / HBO Max

Curtis is like Lance (Josh Segarra) in a lot of ways. Both of these characters are like the ultimate support systems for Carey and Brooke (Hel?ne Yorke). But then, this season, we see that really tested. And on Curtis’ side, I like that it is so layered.

Yeah, I’m glad that’s coming through. You know, Josh and I have talked about this before, that Brooke and Carey have a tendency to get a little dark, but we always stay a little light. And I think to see that tested. And it’s really fun. And, you know, like anytime you’re three seasons into playing a character and you get to find something new with them, hopefully the audience is gonna be on board with you and hopefully the story and the relationships that you already have only get to grow and become more complex and deep.

I noticed you’ve also written for the show in the first two seasons. Were you in the writers’ room again this year? And I am curious, what has it been like to kind of contribute to the series from that side of things?

I wasn’t able to write on season 3. Since I had filming commitments with other projects, I wasn’t able to get into the writers’ room. Though, unwarranted, I would text them ideas and they’d be like, very graciously, like, “Thank you.”

But I think the coolest thing was when I was in the writers’ room and I did get to write on the show and getting to see how the sausage is made, so to speak. It’s really cool to see two people like Sarah and Chris care so deeply about a show, about making it as good as they possibly can and having a clear vision for what it is that they want. It’s really, really inspiring and it only makes me more and more happy every single time that I’m on set because I know all of the work that went into it. And so I felt like I learned a lot coming out of that experience, working with them as well as felt really, really, really super inspired.


Before we wrap, congrats on the breakout success with Ghosts. It’s been so fun watching you on that as well. Is there anything you can kind of tease about where season 2 is headed in terms of the finale?

Yeah, it’s been really great. I got to film this show and Ghosts at the same time. So, it was sort of like a sauna and a cold plunge, where one makes the other feel even better, which was great.

And I would say, where the season is going is I think Isaac and Nigel are gonna take another step in their relationship that’s either really good or really bad for them. And I think it’s gonna happen almost, like, out of the blue. And I think it’s gonna leave some people a little like, “Whoa, I didn’t see that coming.” So, I’m excited about that.

The first two episodes of The Other Two season 3 debut Thursday, May 4 on HBO Max.


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