Travis Barker‘s daughter, Alabama, is firing back at online trolls who feel compelled to share their opinion about her age and makeup choices, and her clap back comes with a warning — they ain’t gonna like it!

The 17-year-old social media influencer only needed a 7-second video on TikTok to convey her message. In the video, Alabama overlayed the text with, “When Kathryn with 3 kids, only waterline liner, 4 different colored blonde [hair] & Toms shoes talks about my makeup or age.”

After a few seconds, Alabama is seen mouthing, “I’ll tell you what you look like, but you won’t like it,” before bursting into laughter.

Alabama’s fans responded to the video, with one mother of four expressing, “I have 4 kids but I need to know what waterline liner is.” Another fan wrote, “You’re gorgeous! You can give me a make over anytime! ?,” while someone else added, “You look beautiful – People need to worry about their own house.”

It’s not the first time Alabama’s clapped back. She did exactly that just last month, after posting a new rap track dubbed “Dime in the Rough.” While she got positive feedback, there were the usual online haters who directed smack talk in her direction. But, once again, Alabama didn’t let it go.

The 17-year-old shot back at critics, by posting the clip one more time on TikTok and telling one particular hater, “I don’t care what people think that have no motivation and [are] talentless.”

One particular fan who raced to Alabama’s defense commented, “Y’all are just hating cause she has a famous dad but this actually good ??,” to which Alabama replied with, “I swear.”

This wasn’t the first time Alabama dropped new music. She first released the pop track “Our House.” When she was 11.


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