The new season of 90 Day Fianc?: Before the 90 Days features the return of one of the franchise’s most controversial couples — Gino and Jasmine. In this exclusive first look at the brand new season premiering June 4 on TLC, Gino and Jasmine are seen in yet another explosive argument and seven brand new couples are introduced.

During their previous season, 34-year-old Jasmine and 52-year-old Gino had no shortage of drama including her catching him on a sugar daddy website, and producers having to intervene at one point when she physically attacked him after finding out he sent topless pictures of her meant only for him to his ex. But in this preview, Gino returns to Panama to give their love another shot. Jasmine is seen at a doctor’s office asking “to be a virgin again” and getting a procedure done.

“This is our last chance to reignite the spark,” Jasmine says.

But later, Gino bluntly asks her if she’s cheating on him. Things escalate when he calls her a “f**king idiot” and she yells at him that she’s going back to her ex because he “knows how to f**k.”

“He’s the best man I ever had,” she tells him, her anger getting out of control yet again. “F**k you!”

This season is also notable given that it features the love story of 41-year-old David from Nebraska, who is deaf, and 30-year-old Sheila, who’s also hearing impaired and is from the Philippines. David puts everything on the line to make the long journey to her home country to meet her in person, but the two have difficulty communicating since she’s still learning American Sign Language (ASL). Later, she says she might have to end things with David if her son can’t connect with him because of the communication barrier.


Another standout couple from the season is 32-year-old Tyray from California and 27-year-old Carmella from Barbados. Tyray quit his job and moved in with his mother to help her through recent health issues. While he’s struggled with his body image and meeting people in the past, he’s been happily dating Carmella for years, whom he communicates with mostly on SnapChat.

“I’ve never been in love before but I’m ready to be, like, husband and wife,” he tells cameras.

But later, he’s shown in disbelief when his friend shows him that Carmella is on an escort service website. Tyray walks away and tosses his phone away.

“F**k this phone, man,” he says, clearly upset.


The new season of 90 Day Fianc?: Before the 90 Days premieres Sunday, June 4 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on TLC. Read on below for more on the new couples.

Amanda (31, Louisiana) & Razvan (26, Romania):


Amanda lost her beloved husband to a rapid battle with cancer, leaving her alone with their two young children. She thought she’d never find love again, but when she started chatting with Razvan on social media, she quickly fell in love with his warmth, sense of humor and chiseled model body. After four months of online dating, Amanda musters up the courage to fly to Romania to meet Razvan in person. Jealousy comes between them when his acting career requires steamy scenes with other women. This is a big red flag for Razvan because his ex-wife’s jealousy caused their divorce.

Riley (47, Pennsylvania) & Violet (41, Vietnam):


After too many heartbreaks, Riley began searching for love online and found Violet. The two fell for each other fast and Riley decides to risk it all. He heads to Vietnam to meet Violet. Riley’s trust issues end up leading him to look into hiring a private investigator to see if he can really trust Violet.

Christian (30, Minnesota) & Cleo (30, England):


Christian is the self-proclaimed life of the party who’s been all over the dating scene but somehow, he can never seem to find ‘the one.’ Enter Cleo, a neurodivergent and autistic trans woman from England who is passionate about astrology. From the start, Cleo has captured Christian’s attention and they talk all hours of the day. While Christian isn’t sure how he’ll feel when he’s physically with Cleo, he has to go find out for himself.

Meisha (42, Minnesota) & Nicola (46, Israel):


Meisha and Nicola are from two totally different worlds, yet their connection was instant when they met in a religious online forum. After seven years of online dating, they have still to meet in person. Nicola is a 46-year-old virgin that lives with his mother in Israel and has never been in a long-term relationship before.

Statler (32, Texas) and Dempsey (28, England):


Statler is a free spirit from Texas who loves to travel and live life to the fullest. As an adopted child, she never really felt like she fit in and is always on the move. Dempsey is from England and is more of an introverted homebody who loves living in her camper off the grid.

ET spoke to Jasmine last February and she addressed Gino having been in a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship in the past.

“Whether it’s true or not, we all have a past,” she said. “And I cannot judge Gino for what he did in his past relationships. I do believe that so far, you can see in the show that he has shown me that he’s a good person, that he’s so into me. I mean, this man has not run away from me after showing my super crazy and wild side.”

“Even if he did it, I don’t see a sick man, like a pervert abusing women, anything like that,” she continued. “If he did it, it’s just out of loneliness and wanting company. And I know back in the United States, before he lost his job, he was a very busy man, was working all the time, and maybe, I don’t know, he didn’t have the time to go and meet girls and he relied on this website. I don’t truly know, but I believe that Gino is overall a good man and he would never disrespect a woman.”

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