VaLentine and Carlos have some wedding guest drama before their big day. In this exclusive clip from Monday’s new episode of 90 Day Fianc?: Love in Paradise, VaLentine and Carlos argue over his friend, Michele, who Carlos admits he previously had romantic feelings for.

During a tense conversation, Carlos, who is bisexual, says while he liked Michele, she didn’t like him back. He tells VaLentine that after that he just moved on and now only sees her as a friend. He stresses that he didn’t have sex with her and that they never even kissed. Still, VaLentine notes that sex isn’t the issue for him.

“You want to ignore the emotional cheating and just focus on the fact that you didn’t physically f**k,” he tells him. “You were fully engaged, right? You liked her. But it didn’t move forward because she wouldn’t allow it to. If she liked you back it would have went further. It did not move forward because of me, your feelings for me, you see what I’m saying? You weren’t ready to choose me, you were gonna choose her, she just didn’t choose you back.”

Carlos explains that when he pursued Michele, he hadn’t even met VaLentine in person yet and was unsure of their relationship. VaLentine says his plan was that he was open to meeting Michele and if it made him uncomfortable, he wouldn’t invite her to their wedding — but Carlos reveals that he already invited her.

“That’s petty, that’s immature,” Carlos says. “Like, that girl needs to wait for you to approve if she goes or not to the wedding? I don’t want that agreement.”

Clearly, VaLentine is upset and tells cameras Carlos is breaking the agreement they made.

“I’m respecting you while you’re not respecting me,” he says.

90 Day Fianc?: Love in Paradise airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on TLC.


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