Things are getting catty between Nikki and Brie Garcia (Bella).

The twin sisters are on an upcoming episode of Nick Cannon and Kevin Hart‘s Celebrity Prank Wars, with Nikki pulling off a purrfect gag on Brie. In ET’s exclusive clip, the duo pose together for a photoshoot while an unsuspecting Brie is transformed into a wild cat by on-set makeup artists.

At one point, the photographer suggests that the models strike a pose in which Brie acts like a tiger.

“You’re lucky we play ball, because if not, I’d say you’re crazy,” Brie jokes. “But it’s fine!”

See the moment play out below.

The full prank and Brie’s reaction will play out on Thursday’s episode of Celebrity Prank Wars, airing on E! at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Hart and Cannon have joined forces by taking their famous friendly feud up a notch, co-hosting the reality series and providing commentary as celebrities plan and perpetrate pranks on each other. Hart and Cannon then choose one winner of each so-called prank war.

For his part, Cannon got buzz going for the show when he debuted a fake trailer for the “mother of all game shows” — titled Who’s Having My Baby? — where he was supposedly set to pick a contestant to have his next child.

In the trailer of the prank, Hart turns to Cannon and tells him, “You’re gonna get some contestants that wanna have your baby.” Several women appear in the teaser clip, in which Cannon jokes about his selection process when he says, “Eeny, meeny, miny, [moe].”

Cannon’s a father to 12 children.

In a recent interview with ET, Hart opened up about his extraordinary level of commitment when it comes to pranking the Masked Singer host.

“Me and Nick, we go pretty heavy, so I spent some money on my pranks with Nick,” Hart shared. “I don’t go halfway, I do a full budget.”

And Cannon does his part to fire back. When Hart famously gifted his pal a vending machine full of condoms, Cannon retaliated by getting Hart a fairly difficult pet.

“He got me a llama,” Hart recalled. “But then I put his phone number up on billboards… He got like 325,000 messages or something like that.”


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