Kris and Jeymi’s constant arguing took an alarming turn on Sunday’s season finale of 90 Day Fianc?: The Other Way. After Kris finally returned to Colombia after barely communicating with Jeymi for months while she was in Alabama, the two reunited and eventually split after an explosive fight that turned physical.

Kris and Jeymi got married this season, but it’s been far from smooth sailing. Kris said she had to return to Alabama to take care of a court case and also so she could work to support her and Jeymi, but ended up staying much longer than planned. Jeymi said Kris barely called her while she was away and when she voiced her frustration to Kris, Kris got angry and said she was working for the both of them. On Sunday’s episode, Kris walked out during an intense argument with Jeymi. The two were both emotional and Kris shared that her son recently went to jail for drugs and that was why she couldn’t come back to Colombia and missed Jeymi’s birthday.

“Although Jeymi seemed very supportive of what was going on, that all changed,” Kris told cameras of her situation. “It’s very hard. But then she wants to say I’m not doing anything for our relationship. I can’t work here, so I’m there working. To sit there and say I wasn’t helping her — she doesn’t work, she just started working, she hasn’t been working. I’m the only one who’s been working … I send her money all the time.”

But Jeymi argued that the situation with Kris’ son happened before her birthday and that Kris claiming that she sends all her money to her is “a total lie.”

“When I am right, she gets mad,” she said. “I tried to talk to the person that I love. But she doesn’t want to listen to me.”

After the two argued some more, Kris eventually said she was “done” and that her son would always come first. She also called Jeymi selfish.

“I’m f**king moving out, I’m getting all my s**t … and you can do whatever the hell you want, I don’t care anymore,” she told her. “I don’t care. I’m done — selfish, selfish person, is all about yourself, don’t give a f**k about anyone else but yourself. Go f**k yourself. Go find someone else to pay your f**king bills.”

Kris got into the car to leave and wanted to go immediately. When Jeymi got into the car and said she didn’t want to talk to Kris, they started arguing again and Kris told her to “get the f**k away from me.” When Jeymi said she wasn’t talking to her, Kris yelled at her to “go away” and when Jeymi replied “no,” Kris physically pushed her out of the car, which is when a producer intervened.

Jeymi yelled, “She is f**king crazy.” She added to cameras, “I don’t know why it got to the point where I look Kris in the eye and I see hate. I’m the woman you supposedly want to spend the rest of your days with.”

“It was never my intention for her to feel hate towards me, quite the opposite,” she added, breaking down in tears.

During part one of this season’s tell-all, Jeymi appeared virtually while Kris was in the studio filming. They revealed they hadn’t spoken to one another since their explosive breakup.


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