A horse trained by Bob Baffert broke down and was euthanized in the sixth race on the Preakness undercard. Mage will face six contenders, none from the Derby. Post time is 7:01 p.m. Eastern.

An undercard race.Julia Nikhinson/Associated PressWaiting to start a race.Patrick Smith/Getty ImagesFaren Aime with some of the race day’s best.Julia Nikhinson/Associated PressThe scene after Havnameltdown suffered a catastrophic leg injury.Jerry Jackson/The Baltimore Sun, via Associated PressJockey Angel Cruz riding Tauber out of the paddock.Patrick Smith/Getty ImagesAnother undercard race.Patrick Smith/Getty ImagesStaples on the eyelid of Mage as he is groomed ahead of the Preakness Stakes.Julia Nikhinson/Associated PressDancing in the infield.Julia Nikhinson/Associated Press



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