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A leader in both atheistically pleasing and high-functioning cookware, Our Place, just released two new cookware products you’ll want to add to your kitchen pronto. The brand is giving their Perfect Pot a cast iron makeover for a new look and added functionality. Plus, they’re introducing The Hot Grill for next-level grilling.

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These latest releases from the woman- and immigrant-owned business can stand up to just about anything you’re cooking up in the kitchen this summer. The latest Perfect Pot, which is already the Dutch oven of your dreams, now comes in cast iron for those who prefer the material for cooking. Previously offered for a limited time, the enameled cast iron Perfect Pot makes for easy clean-up and requires no seasoning.

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Along with the cast-iron pot and lid, you’ll get the silicone hot grips to safely take the pot out of a hot oven and a matching spoon. Grab the Cast Iron Perfect Pot in one of five gorgeous colors.


Along with the introduction of their Cast Iron Perfect Pot, Our Place has released a brand new cookware item: The Hot Grill. The Hot Grill is the grilling cookware allows for creating a barbecue meal indoors. Not only will the Hot Grill char your burgers and hot dogs perfectly for your BBQs this season, but it’s a great item to have year-round.

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Only available in limited quantities, you’ll want to add the Hot Grill to your cart quick to have the most sizzling cookware of the summer.


At Our Place, they’ve truly thought of everything. One of the best details about these two cookware pieces is that they’re designed to be used together. The Hot Grill can be used as a base for the Perfect Pot or as a lid to the Perfect Pot to minimize the pots and pans you’ll have on the stove, or in the oven, while also saving space. You can also use the Perfect Pot’s lid over the Hot Grill to steam your veggies and melt gooey cheese on your burgers.


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