Halle Bailey is displaying some PDA! As The Little Mermaid hits theaters, the film’s 23-year-old star took to TikTok to share a video of her jumping into her boyfriend, rapper DDG’s, arms and giving him a kiss.

Bailey set the video, which she posted in celebration of the end of her Little Mermaid press tour, to a remixed clip of Beyonc? singing, “I am going to see my husband / I’m happy, I’m happy, to see my husband.”

“On my last day of press like…” Bailey wrote alongside the clip, adding laughing and winking emojis.

Bailey and 25-year-old DDG, who’s also known as Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr. and PontiacMadeDDG, first sparked romance rumors in January 2022 and confirmed their relationship two months later.

While the couple has openly praised one another in interviews and shared affectionate videos on social media, they’ve been the subject of rumors and breakup speculation as of late.

“It’s really funny how people look at you [as] still being this young girl, still being this innocent, untouchable thing,” Bailey told Glamour earlier this month. “I appreciate that, as I venture into adulthood, I’m able to make my own decisions. For my peace and my sanity, I have to keep that private.”

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On the professional front, Bailey is doing better than ever. She took to Instagram on Friday to celebrate The Little Mermaid‘s release.

“Can’t believe it today is the day!! The Little Mermaid is out everywhere in theaters now,” she wrote. “This was my first time ever doing a film like this, and words can’t describe how immensely grateful I am to have had this experience with such a beautiful group of people… Please go watch and enjoy with your loved ones!!”

When ET spoke to Bailey earlier this month, she opened up about how her casting as Ariel is a big deal for little Black girls who are seeing themselves portrayed as the beloved Disney character for the first time onscreen.

“I just am really grateful to be in this position,” she told ET. “It’s been such a beautiful moment for me to be able to see the reactions of the babies — it makes me just emotionally overwhelmed honestly and I cry as soon as I watch them.”

“I think of the little girl that’s still in me, honestly, and it heals that girl inside of me to watch them feel like they have representation and someone to look to, to know that they deserve to be in those places too,” Bailey added. “[It’s] so important. It just makes me cry anytime I see any of those videos.”

The Little Mermaid is now in theaters.


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