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Pink is sending support to Britney Spears amid her divorce from Sam Asghari.

During the Detroit stop of her Summer Carnival tour, Pink changed the lyrics from her “Don’t Let Me Get Me,” to show Spears some love. In the original track, Pink sings that she’s tired of being compared to Spears.

Instead of singing, “Tired of being compared to damn Britney Spears,” she sang, “Sweet Britney Spears.”

“She’s so pretty / That just ain’t me,” the rest of the line goes.

The move was met with lots of love from the audience who yelled out, “aww,” upon hearing the revised lyrics.

While the lyric was long believed to be a diss to Spears, Pink told People that she’s always felt like a big sister to the “Sometimes” singer.

“People think I was picking on Britney on ‘Don’t Let Me Get Me,’ but I’ve always felt like a big sister to her,” Pink told the outlet at the time. “I’m very protective of her, and she’s the sweetest person in the world.”

The show of support comes amid news that Spears and Asghari decided to go their separate ways after just one year of marriage.

ET exclusively learned that Asghari filed for divorce on Aug. 16, just hours after news broke that the couple had split. According to TMZ, which was first to report the separation, the pop princess and her longtime other half called it quits after an argument involving cheating allegations.

A source told ET that Spears and Asghari “have had issues on and off as a couple since before they were married.”

“Their issues tend to get worse when they are away from each other and spending time apart,” the source continued. “Britney has the tendency to feel like she isn’t being prioritized by Sam at times. Their arguments have led them to become unhappy at times in their relationship. They are also on different pages when it comes to their future as a couple, which has been a point of contention.”

A source confirming the split to ET noted that Spears was “adamant” that she didn’t cheat on Asghari. “The two haven’t gotten along for a while and it finally came to an end after a major blowup,” the source added.

Meanwhile, another source added that “Sam feels like he has gone above and beyond to support Britney and be there for her and it is never enough.”

Asghari has also denied tabloid reports that the actor has allegedly threatened to release embarrassing information or materials about Spears unless concessions are made in their prenup that would allow Asghari to get more money out of the divorce.

A rep for Asghari told ET, “There are many claims that Sam is challenging the prenup and threatening to exploit his ex-wife with videos. However, all these claims are false.”

“No negative intention has ever been directed towards her and never will be,” Asghari’s rep added. “Sam has always and will always support her.”

Meanwhile, a source told ET that Spears’ prenup with Asghari is “rock solid.”

For more on their breakup, check out the video below.


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