Odette Annable is not a fan of art imitating life. Exhibit A: Her husband, Dave Annable, may play a doctor on TV but that didn’t mean Odette wanted him anywhere near her mouth following a painful dental procedure.

The 38-year-old actress took to Instagram to document what life was like after getting her wisdom teeth removed. She posted a hilarious part one video in which she tells the Special Ops: Lioness actor she doesn’t trust him near her mouth. Dave’s mission? Remove the gauze — a thin medical fabric that absorbs blood — from her mouth, but she’s not about it.

She tells him she doesn’t trust him, prompting him to respond saying, “I play a doctor.”

It’s true.

Dave portrays a pediatric oncology surgeon in the Taylor Sheridan-created Paramount+ thriller. He also played a surgeon in the short-lived ABC series, Heartbeat. On top of that, he played a medic — and then tried his hand at med school — in the popular ABC series, Brothers & Sisters.

But Odette, who said she was still feeling the effects of the heavy medication, wasn’t having it.

“You’re just not a good doctor in real life,” she quipped. “You could do fine on TV just not the real s**t. This is not gonna work for me.”

Odette Annable / Instagram
Odette Annable / Instagram

She added, “You’re not gonna come near my teeth. I’d rather have my 10-month-old daughter than you.”

The mother of two posted part two on Friday. In that video, she repeatedly tells Dave about wanting to go to Ibiza.

“I mean, how many times have you said Ibiza since you’ve come out of that dentist office?” Dave wondered and laughed.

“Maybe I’ve just been secretly been dying to go to Ibiza,” Odette responds. “C’mon baby. Get me there.”

Odette later took to her Instagram Stories and said she was “out of commission” after inserting another gauze in her mouth.

But her pain seemed to be everyone else’s gain, because fans loved the videos. One fan commented, “Come on Dave, take her to Ibiza, she’s wounded!!! ???,” while another one added, “Is there a part 3?! I need it ?.”


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