Jovi and Yara’s future plans together are up in the air. On Monday’s episode of 90 Day: The Last Resort, Yara shocked Jovi with a major confession during their group therapy session.

Jovi and Yara appear to be the couple with the least issues going into 90 Day: The Last Resort, which features 90 Day Fianc? couples who have reached breaking points undergoing a couples retreat to determine if they want to continue on with their relationships. But clearly, they’re not on the same page about their future. The two are already parents to their young daughter, Mylah, and Jovi wants a second child. However, back in January during their appearance at the 90 Day Fianc?: Happily Ever After? tell-all, Yara said she wasn’t ready. On Monday’s episode, after they participated in a therapy exercise to see how well they communicate, Yara reiterated that Jovi doesn’t listen to her — especially about her not being ready for a second child.

She then got emotional as she told the group she was hiding something behind Jovi’s back. Yara said she had been keeping the secret for so long and fought back tears as she told him that she had actually been taking birth control and didn’t tell him. Jovi asked her why she hid that from him and that it was something they should have discussed rather than her doing it behind his back. But fellow castmate Kalani backed up Yara, noting, “She should do whatever she wants with her body.” Yara continued to defend her decision, and said she didn’t want to bring a baby into an unhealthy environment. Jovi insisted he wouldn’t have tried to get her pregnant without them making a plan together but Yara didn’t believe him.

“I do want a baby but I’m not going to intentionally get you pregnant when you don’t want to be pregnant,” he said.

But Yara replied, “I know you, right? If you want something you’re going to the end to get it.”

During a confessional, Jovi admitted he could be “pushy” but that he really felt Yara “blindsided” him.

“You shouldn’t have done this in front of everyone, like, we should have done this in a private session, like, we’re just meeting the therapists,” he told her. “You need to be more considerate.”

Yara was not apologetic and said that was the whole point of group therapy. Meanwhile, fellow castmate Kelly said he could tell Jovi was hurt that Yara didn’t trust him. Not surprisingly, Molly was on Yara’s side, pointing out, “It only takes one swimmer to get in there to make a baby.”

Kelly noted, “I just hope they work it out.”

ET spoke to fellow 90 Day: The Last Resort castmate Angela ahead of this season, and she said Yara surprised her the most when it came to the other couples. Watch the video below for more.


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