*Warning: Spoilers for Wednesday’s ‘America’s Got Talent’ live results show ahead!

The first votes in America’s Got Talent‘s qualifying rounds were revealed on Wednesday, during season 18’s first live results show, which sent nine hopefuls home and moved two stars another step forward in their journey toward victory.

The show’s stalwart stars — including judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum, as well as host Terry Crews — came together once again, to see how America felt about Tuesday’s performances.

“I think I know what’s going to happen tonight, [but] there may be some surprises,” Simon said during the start of the show. However, he wasn’t totally prepared for who went home and who moved on.

It was up to Terry to share the news of who made the Top 5, meaning six hopefuls would be getting the axe almost off the bat.

Ultimately, it was revealed that the Top 5 acts of the night included ventriloquist and mentalist Brynn Cummings, multimedia artist Oleksandr Leshchenko, the dog act duo Adrian Stoica and Hurricane, as well as singer Mitch Rossell and celebrated blind songstress Lavender Darcangelo.

This meant America votes to bid farewell to the Nashville-based rock band True Villains, 10-year-old dancer Lambros Garcia, the SAINTED Trap Choir, rock guitarist John Wines, stand-up comic Maureen Langan, and the danger act duo featuring daredevil Ray Wold and his daredevil mother.

However, only two could go through from the Top 5, and to the delight of everyone in the audience — and Heidi, specifically, since she awarded her a Golden Buzzer — the first to move on to the finals was Lavender Darcangelo!

“I don’t know if I’m dreaming or if I’m awake!” declares Lavender, who wowed America on Tuesday with an amazing performance of “I Wanna Know What Love Is” by Foreigner.

“Lavender, my heart is so happy right now!” Heidi shared. “I’m so excited! I told you I’m going to hold your hand and we’re going all the way to the finish line, now guess what’s happening!”

As for the second act to move on, country crooner Mitch Rossell earned the other spot in the finals, after he delivered a beautiful performance of his original song “All I Need to See” on Tuesday’s show.

When asked how he felt about the results, Mitch exclaimed that he had “no words” to describe it.

“I think this act is the best example of what I was talking about earlier. An amazing audition, then when you get to the live shows, you’re even better,” Simon said of Mitch’s qualifying round performance. “That’s what being on the show is all about.”

Next week, 11 more contestants who made it through the auditions and the judges’ cuts will hit the stage for a second chance at wowing the voting public.

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.


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