Hugh Hefner‘s son, Marston, has some strong opinions about the “double standard” in his family when it comes to men expressing their sexuality.

“There’s that line where my family would be like, ‘That’s pornography,” the 33-year-old tells The Messenger regarding his recently launched OnlyFans account. “But as long as I do just tasteful nudes, then it’s not pornography, that sort of idea. That’s ridiculous in my opinion.”

The subject came up after Marston revealed that, while he’s open to collaborating with someone on his OnlyFans, he has yet to produce sexually explicit content on his account. A subscription to his account is free, but anyone who wants to see nudity must pay a fee.

Hugh Hefner with two of his four children — Cooper and Marston — at the Playboy Mansion in 2011.Getty

But the idea of nudity and expressing his sexuality on OnlyFans doesn’t reconcile with his family, Marston says, and he’s calling out that kind of “double standard in my family,” where it’s not “as acceptable” for men to express their sexuality like it is for women. He also has strong feelings about the stigmatization applied to sex work.

“You can be the CEO of the people getting naked. But don’t be the person getting naked,” he says. “It’s f**king bullsh*t. That upsets me. Because I don’t think that’s right, the stigma of sex workers. You can pay sex workers but you can’t f**king be one?”

Marston — whose mother is former Playmate Kimberley Conrad, and the late Playboy founder’s second wife — also said that his OnlyFans content is “a great way to monetize,” though he’s still figuring out the whole process.

“I’m just doing what I believe, which is that there’s nothing wrong with nudity, and it’s a great way to monetize,” says Marston, adding: “I’m just trying to make sense of it as well.”

Hugh died in September 2017 at 91 years old. He’s survived by his widow, Crystal, and four grown children: Christie, who served as CEO of Playboy Enterprise for more than 20 years, David, Marston and Cooper, who currently serves as Chief Creative Officer at the company.


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