Nick Carter is facing yet another lawsuit over sexual assault allegations, this time by a woman claiming the incidents took place when she was 15 and he was 23.

According to Billboard, citing legal documents filed in Las Vegas court on Monday, a woman identified only as “A.R.” claims the embattled Backstreet Boys singer sexually assaulted her multiple times in 2003 and that he knowingly provided “alcohol and drugs.”

The outlet reports that the plaintiff — who filed as a Jane Doe — also claims the singer gave her a sexually-transmitted disease. More specifically, the woman claims the first alleged incident went down in August 2003 on his yacht. She claims he “directed” her — while she was intoxicated — to enter his cabin, and that’s where he “engaged in oral sexual intercourse with A.R. and penetrated her vagina with his genitals” without her consent.

The lawsuit, per Billboard, lists at least two more alleged incidents, the second of which she claims happened just days later on his tour bus. The lawsuit states Carter “coerced A.R. to orally copulate his genitals.” She claims she was “encouraged” by Carter’s sister to meet the singer on the bus. A third incident is alleged to have happened yet again on Carter’s yacht, where she claims the singer “enticed three other men” to watch them have sex.

In a statement to ET, Carter’s attorney, Dale Hayes Jr., said the singer is “pleased with A.R.’s recent filing as it will ensure that all of the currently known co-conspirators will be brought to justice together.”

“Anyone credulously covering these ridiculous claims should know that, when A.R. first accused Nick Carter almost two decades ago, authorities listened and thoroughly investigated — and then informed A.R. that her allegations were meritless,” Hayes Jr.’s statement continued. “In fact, at the conclusion of the police investigation into A.R.’s claims, law enforcement concluded that A.R. ‘could herself have been charged with a crime.'”

Hayes Jr. went on to claim in his statement that, “in a separate incident, A.R. was threatened with criminal charges for filing a false police report. And now she’s at it yet again. But repeating the same false allegations in a new legal complaint doesn’t make them any more true.”

Carter’s attorney concluded his statement by saying Carter “is looking forward to the evidence being presented and the truth about these malicious schemes coming to light.”

ET was recently with Carter in Wyoming on the set of his new music video and he briefly addressed the two prior sexual assault allegations levied against him.

“Well, obviously there is a legal process happening right now and I can’t get into too many of the details, but what I can say is that I am really happy with the way things are going now,” he said, “and once it’s all done I look forward to finally talking about it.”

Back in December 2022, Shannon Ruth sued Carter after claiming he sexually assaulted her in 2001 when she was 17. Then, in April, former Dream member Melissa Schuman sued Carter for sexual assault and battery for an alleged 2003 incident.

Carter has vehemently denied the accusations. He countersued Ruth and Schuman for $2.3 million in Clark County, Nevada, claiming these individuals have been trying to extort money from him for years and have caused the Backstreet Boys to lose millions in potential revenue due to the allegations.

Following Carter’s countersuit, Ruth and Schuman filed motions to have the counterclaims tossed. But a judge, in March, ruled Carter’s countersuit against Ruth could move forward, and on Wednesday, according to CourtTV, the judge ruled his countersuit against Shuman can also move forward.




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