Drew Barrymore is revealing for the first time that she’s been seeing someone “sort of in and around the last three years,” and it appears the relationship’s going to take a natural step forward — all thanks to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce‘s romance.

In a preview of her upcoming interview with Gwyneth Paltrow on The Drew Barrymore Show, the 48-year-old is in the middle of admiring the Iron Man star’s marriage to husband Brad Falchuk. The couple celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary last month. After Barrymore also admired Falchuk’s “too chiseled” body, Paltrow interjects by saying she needs to get the daytime TV host on the dating app Bumble.

Perhaps to everyone’s surprise, Barrymore is already several steps ahead.

“Funny enough the person I have been seeing sort of in and around the last three years I met on Raya,” says Barrymore in reference to the private, membership-only dating app.

Later in the interview, Barrymore shares the relationship has taken a big step forward.

The Drew Barrymore Show

“I invited him to a wedding next weekend, and he said, ‘Wow, after three and a half years you are going to invite me to a wedding?'” Barrymore says.

That she’s seeing someone is huge news, considering that back in June she revealed in a New York Magazine profile that she doesn’t have the energy for all the theatrics and tumultuousness of love and dating.

Enter Swelce.

Barrymore says it was the “Lavender Haze” singer and the Kansas City Chiefs star’s relationship that inspired her to get out and stop overthinking things too much. Barrymore pointed to the game Swift attended at Arrowhead Stadium last month — sitting next to mama Kelce in a luxury box — after she accepted Kelce’s personal invite. She recalled this after mentioning she took her daughter to go see Swift’s Eras concert movie in theaters.

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“There’s something about this man being that’s like pushing people to express themselves in a very joyous, positive way, and I just want to say, for me personally, I have been single for seven years [and] seeing her on that first date out there in the box with his family I had a big Oprah a-ha moment,” Barrymore explains. “There was something so normal about it, and obviously Taylor Swift is everything but normal, but I’m a female, I’m going to go out on a date with a male, I’m not going to overthink this, I am not going to be the dark horse and be secretive and weird about it.”

“Like, she just went out on a date and it made me think I could just go out on a date,” she continues. “This was evidence of not being affected by what other people think … it was so calm, confident and normal that it just made me think I should do this too.”

Check local listings and tune in Monday for the full interview.




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