Jasmine has finally arrived in Michigan to be with Gino and she’s already dropping bombshells. On Sunday’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Jasmine revealed that not only did she get butt implants and used Gino’s money to get the procedure done despite him being against it, she also got money from her ex-boyfriend, Dane.

Money has been a big issue between Gino and Jasmine throughout their relationship, as Jasmine has accused Gino of being cheap and not wanting to pay for things for her that she says he can afford, for example, a luxury apartment in Panama when she was still living there. In this clip, the two are topless during a couples massage, and she screamed for the masseuse not to touch her butt because it hurt. When Gino asked why it hurts, she confessed that she got butt implants since she lost so much weight and felt her “a** was so flat.”

“I told you I wanted to get butt implants and you said, ‘No, don’t spend money on that,'” she says. “Guess what?”

Although Gino was clearly upset, Jasmine laughed it off and even showed him the marks.

“How can you do something like that?” Gino asked her. “This is crazy.”

Jasmine said the procedure cost $10,000 and Gino was in disbelief. The situation is even less ideal because Gino quit his job to spend more time with Jasmine once she arrived in Michigan without telling her.

“We could have used that $10,000, our wedding and all the appliances we need to replace, and all the home remodeling you want to do,” he said. “You don’t even need it.”

But the confessions kept coming. Jasmine said she got the money from both her savings and from the money Gino gave to her that was supposed to be for her wedding dress.

“I’ve helped Jasmine out a lot since I’ve met her, helping her pay her rent, money for her children, cosmetic procedures,” Gino told cameras. “And I’ve been doing that because I love her and I know she needs the help and she’s not really working right now, but feels like I’m the one that’s always giving. I give, give, give, and Jasmine’s just like, taking, taking. That’s terrifying kind of to me because, you know, is this how my life’s going to be?”

Meanwhile, Jasmine defended herself and said she spent the money when Gino still had a job and she thought they were “doing great” financially.

“I’m not a selfish person,” Jasmine insisted to cameras. “I did it not just for me but also for him because I wanted him to find me more attractive. And I thought that with this surgery, he was going to be happy and be like, ‘Oh my gosh, you went through all this pain just for me to look pretty for me.'”

Gino was so upset that he walked out of the couples massage, muttering that she was selfish and that he couldn’t believe she spent thousands of dollars. But Jasmine revealed to cameras that there was even more to the story that she hasn’t told Gino.

“I’m very worried because Gino is very mad at me,” she said. “But just by seeing how mad Gino is, I’m like, there is no f**king way I’m telling him the whole truth that the remaining $2000 came from my ex-boyfriend, Dane, because this is just going to make everything worse.”

Of course, Gino’s unusually close relationship with her handsome ex, Dane, has been a huge issue between the two of them. During the recent tell-all special, she actually revealed that she had a Valentine’s Day date with him. Watch the video below for more.




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