Happy birthday, Katy Perry!

The superstar performer turned 39 on Wednesday and ET’s Denny Directo joined her and her fellow American Idol stars — judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie and host Ryan Seacrest — to celebrate with a cake and a carnival-themed party.

“I know what I’m wishing for,” Perry said as she blew out her candles. “I’m wishing for peace.” 

The “Dark Horse” singer confirmed that she’d be celebrating with her family — fiancé Orlando Bloom and their daughter, Daisy — but keeping things “so low-key.”

Next year, however, will be a different story.

“For 40, I already planned three years ago,” Perry shared. “I’m asking for it all!”

The Idol team is currently auditioning singers for the upcoming season — which returns to ABC early next year, and marks their seventh together as a group.

“You can’t separate us,” Perry insisted. “You can’t break this fam down!”

“Don’t even try it!” Richie agreed.

The group shared that they learn more about each other every season, with this season in particular being revelatory as they traveled to each of their hometowns.

“Oh, you have no idea,” Richie promised, while Bryan recalled, “It was like being on a field trip.”

Some members of the Idol team also might be taking a field trip to Las Vegas in the near future. When talk turned to Usher being announced as the upcoming Super Bowl halftime performer, Perry lit up.

“I’m gonna go see his [Las Vegas] show before he does the Super Bowl,” said the singer, who herself performed at halftime during Super Bowl XLIX. “There’s strippers and skates — all the things that I love!”

American Idol returns early next year on ABC.





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