Daniele and Yohan’s marriage is quickly souring to the point of no return. After constant fighting about their finances — mainly, Yohan is upset that Daniele is unable to financially provide him a better life after she moved to the Dominican Republic instead of bringing him to the United States — their fighting escalated on Monday’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. Yohan took money out of Daniele’s bank account without telling her and she kicked him out, but he refused to leave without getting any money from her.

Daniele explained to cameras that she found an unexplained bank charge for $40 and after going through her account, she discovered that multiple ATM withdrawals happened without her knowledge. Yohan at first denied taking the money but eventually admitted it. Daniele said he wasn’t apologetic at all and she was so shocked that she kicked him out but he refused to leave. Meanwhile, Yohan told cameras that he took the money while Daniele was on a spiritual retreat and that she “made a scene” and called him a thief but he didn’t see it as him stealing from her.

“We are a couple, I am her husband,” he said. “Daniele has her bank account and I have mine. It’s been like that from the beginning. … She would leave her card on the table quite often. I took the card since I knew the PIN and I took out 2,000 pesos. But I believe in marriage, what’s mine is yours. There’s no such thing as stealing from your wife.”

Obviously, Daniele disagreed.

“A marriage requires two people willing to put in effort and it also requires honesty,” she told cameras. “Right now we don’t have effort and we don’t have honesty. I don’t understand how we have a marriage.”

Later, the two finally had a confrontation. Daniele told him she was bothered by him not just taking the money but lying to her when she questioned him about it.

“You think that because you have an American wife, she’ll pay for everything,” she told him. “That’s not the life I want. I want an equal partner. I want a king.”

Yohan said Daniele wanted to humiliate him over 4,000 pesos. She was adamant that he took more money than that and had the proof.

“In total, Yohan made four withdrawals of a total of $160,” she told cameras. “But this has nothing to do with the amount of money that he took out. I wouldn’t even mind him taking money out of the bank if he needed it. The problem is that I asked him if he took it and he said no. That’s where I’m really scared.”

Daniele shut down Yohan’s claim that he used the money for food and he in turn called her “selfish.” When she told him that everything he had was because of her, he claimed that she didn’t provide for him and that he paid for his own food, rent and utilities. Daniele fired back and said that unless he was willing to pay half their living expenses, he needed to go back to his mother’s house — but he said he would not go back “empty-handed” and needed reimbursement for what he’s already paid.

Daniele called him “a piece of s**t.”

“You know damn well that you have not paid for even one fourth of the things that I’ve paid for here,” she heatedly told him. “You don’t want to pay for anything. And any time I ask you to pay for something, you get angry. It was different when you were in your mother’s house and you were broke. It’s not that way anymore. You have resources. You need to use them. Or you need to find another American wife, one who is codependent. There are so many. I can refer you out.”

When Daniele told him to “get the f**k out,” he calmly replied that he wouldn’t without getting reimbursed. Daniele was speechless in her frustration.

“I never thought that Yohan would be the kind of person that wouldn’t want to contribute equally,” she told cameras. “I believed that he didn’t contribute because he couldn’t. But now that he can contribute and he’s choosing not to, and actively choosing to steal from me, who’s provided for him for all this time, like this is so unreasonable. It’s insulting, it’s embarrassing.”

“And this is more evidence that Yohan is only with me for money,” she added. “I don’t know. I don’t know how I’m coming back from that.”





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