The New Kids on the Block are gearing up to bring some retro nostalgia to the stage with their upcoming Magic Summer 2024 Tour.

The bandmates — including Jordan Knight, Jonathan Knight, Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood and Joey Mcintyre —  recently sat down with ET’s Rachel Smith to dish on their forthcoming tour and who they’re bringing along for the ride.

When asked about what they are most excited about with their new tour, Wahlberg explained, “I think, first and foremost, being back with the fans.”

“It just never gets old you know? Walking out on stage, opening night of every tour, just seems not only to be more incredible but just more special, more meaningful, and a little bit louder every time,” Wahlberg added.

“You would think we’re all slowing down but in many ways, we’re really ramping up,” Wahlberg said of the group — who will be joined on the road by ’90s icons including Paula Abdul and DJ Jazzy Jeff. “I think, the amount of years we’ve been doing this, I just think it’s brought us all so much closer as a band.”

For the group, one of the most amazing feelings is seeing their longtime fans come out to support them, as well as a slew of new, younger fans who often have been introduced to the group by their parents.

“It’s amazing. It really is. I mean, we are a big family at this point, you know?” McIntyre marveled. “For their kids to come along and want to be a part of it and be out there, it just adds a whole other aspect of energy. And it’s super cute.”

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Reflecting on the special guest acts who will be joining them, Wahlberg explained, “We don’t overindulge in the nostalgia, but we can’t help but enjoy and love the nostalgia. And I think they bring a lot of that as well.”

“And I do think, in many ways, we’re gonna be transporting all of ourselves — us and the fans — to a magical time,” Wahlberg added.

In addition to their Magic Summer 2024 Tour, NKOTB recently released a special 15th anniversary reissue of their 2008 reunion album, The Block Revisited. The album features four previously unreleased songs, as well as a remix of “Dirty Dancing,” on which they collaborated with K-pop group Seventeen.

The band opened up about getting the chance to collaborate with the K-pop group, and McIntyre explained why they came to appreciate Seventeen so much.

“It’s fantastic. I mean, for me … if you’re in a boy band, you got to dance. And for a second there, there were boy bands that didn’t dance, so that wasn’t cool,” McIntyre said. “Certainly, K-Pop has put that to rest. Because they can move, they can sing, and they have such a great spirit.”

The New Kids on the Block Magic Summer 2024 Tour kicks off June 14. Their remastered, reissued reunion album redux, The Block Revisited, drops Nov. 3.





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