On Wednesday, Succession star Alan Ruck was reportedly behind the wheel of an electric truck that triggered a multi-vehicle collision. The accident resulted in the actor crashing his truck through the wall of a pizza shop.

ET was at the scene of the accident, where the aftermath of the crash was evident in the debris scattered across the street and caution tape set up around the site of the collision.

Eyewitness Tim Ratcliff, who owns a restaurant near the pizza joint, spoke with ET about the accident, and explained that he was sitting on his patio, chatting with a friend and customer after a long shift, when suddenly they heard a series of small crashes.

“And then a huge boom! We thought it was an explosion or a bomb. That was literally the thought that I first had, that a bomb went off,” Ratcliff shared. “I just jumped up and I ran around the corner.”

TMZ reported that the Succession star, 67, was the one behind the vehicle of a Rivian R1T when it rammed another vehicle from behind and pushed it into the intersection. The crash caused the second vehicle to t-bone another vehicle, while the truck collided with another car before crashing into the pizza place.

Tim Ratcliff

“I saw Walter, he’s the owner of the pizza place, and he was on the ground, so I went over and made sure that he was OK,” Ratcliff recalled. “Visually, he was OK.

“[So] then I went over to the car and I asked Alan, ‘Are you ok?’ And first thing that he said to me was, ‘Is everyone ok? Did I hit anybody? Did anybody get hurt?'” Ratcliff stated. “And I said, ‘I don’t know.'”

Ratcliff also went to see if he could help with the other drivers involved in the accident.

“One of the guys that was in one of the other cars had the airbags go off, he got knocked out. And he had a really bloody nose. I mean, a lot of blood. He needed to go to the hospital, which he did,” Ratcliff shared. “Then I found out later that one of the other people that was hit, there was a broken arm as well. So that was the only injuries that I heard about. Everybody went to the hospital and was taken cared of.”

“There was probably about 40 or 50 emergency vehicles that showed up at that point,” he continued. “And it was a pretty big ordeal with what was going on.”

Tim Ratcliff

According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, it got a 911 call at around 9:04 p.m. about a vehicle crashing into a building. Authorities say there was no extraction required and that a 32-year-old male was transported to the hospital with an unknown condition. The building was damaged enough that its structural integrity was compromised. 

TMZ reported that two people were injured but were conscious and breathing. Miraculously, the outlet reports no pedestrians were hurt, and video footage shows a person crossing the street and narrowly escaped being hit when the initial car collision occurred. 

“I watched the video probably about 45 minutes, maybe an hour after it happened, and realized that seconds matter,” Ratcliff said of the accident. “If it was 1one second earlier, there was people in the crosswalk that would’ve gotten hit. It was just unbelievable and no one got seriously injured.”

The outlet also reported that the actor stuck around after the crash and was seen on his phone as others assessed the damage. TMZ reports there’s no indication of DUI.

“He actually seemed perfectly OK. There were no issues that I could see. The police officer checked him out,” Ratcliff said. “He was very coherent. He talked with me like everything was fine. He was immediately concerned throughout the entire time, just concerned with everybody else, which I really appreciate.”

ET has reached out to Ruck’s rep for comment.





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