Vanessa Hudgens is so ready to be Mrs. Vanessa Tucker. In fact, it’s written all over her. Her nails, actually.

During an appearance Thursday on the Today show with Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager, the 34-year-old High School Musical alum opened up a bit about her recent bachelorette trip to Aspen, Colorado, with her girlfriends and whether she’s going to take her fiancé, Cole Tucker‘s, last name when they get married.

For starters, it seems Hudgens is ready to say goodbye to the Hudgens last name. So much so, she held a funeral for her single life and the Hudgens last name, which explains her black-and-white photo at her bachelorette party where she donned a white wedding dress and her girlfriends opted for black getups.

So, when asked if she’s going to take Tucker’s last name, Hudgens said she would, but with a bit of a caveat.

“I’m probably going to take it,” she said. “Like, professionally it’s obviously going to stay the same. But yeah.”

She then proceeded to show off her manicure job, which included spelling out “Mrs. T” on her nails. Hudgens also seemed pretty psyched about the way her bachelorette party turned out.

Hudgens said the party was “really magical” but it was anything but party central.

“It was really grown, I’m realizing,” she said. “We went hiking, it was a zen hen. We did yoga, sound baths, we went hiking. It was like a health retreat.”

No, there wasn’t much dancing, she said, but a health retreat is fitting given how Hudgens and Tucker met.

“Me and Cole met on a Zoom meditation group. Very random, yes,” Hudgens told ET in 2021. “Zoom, you’ve got to love it.”

“He’s just kind of perfect for me… I am [happy]. I really am,” she added. “I’m so, so grateful. I think that it’s also so important to stay grateful for everything that you have in life. I’ve been making that a priority, and I feel like it’s just been making magic happen all the more.”





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