Eliza is questioning everything. On Thursday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Clayton Echard‘s ex started to spiral after learning that Aaron B. may not be the guy she thought he was.

Before that all went down, though, last week’s drama wrapped up, as Tanner finally talked to Kat, who was fuming because he took Davia on a date on Kat’s birthday.

Kat told Tanner that she was “really disappointed” that he accepted Davia’s date card without talking to her, just before Tanner confessed that he was feeling “conflicted” due to his and Kat’s “very different personalities.” Tanner further admitted that he didn’t see Kat as his wife, before ending things with her for good.

While Kat kept calm in front of Tanner, she was less agreeable in a confessional.

“Get the f**k out of here,” she screamed. “… I am literally so much better than you. How dare you think that you get to break up with me? You don’t… This was mutual… I already knew I didn’t want to marry you.”

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Kat wasn’t down for long, though, as she soon found herself “randomly finding John Henry really f**king hot,” despite his connection with Olivia.

“She’s the Tasmanian devil of Paradise, just causing chaos everywhere she goes,” Olivia complained in a confessional, before calling Kat a “disrespectful ho.”

Kat went in full pursuit mode regardless, putting John Henry “in a little bit of a pickle” and leaving Olivia fuming.

“I think I’m finally going to ride off into the sunset with someone and that person is John Henry,” Kat told the cameras, just as John Henry assured Olivia, “I like you. You are my number one. You are my priority right now.”

Though John Henry didn’t shut down pursuing Kat, he did kiss Olivia right in front of her, much to Kat’s dismay.

“Olivia, she needs to chill,” Kat complained. “She’s so territorial. It’s, like, gross.”

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Elsewhere, new trouble arrived in the form of Genevie, at least from Jess’ point of view. Genevie asked Blake on her date and he accepted, given his awkward conversation with Jess the week before.

Before his date, Blake told Jess that Genevie made him feel wanted in a way that she didn’t.

“I’m sorry you don’t feel wanted. That’s not what I was trying to do,” Jess replied. “… I’m overwhelmed. It’s not fun, but if I’m over here wanting to be open it would be selfish of me to not let you do that… I just want you to be happy, so we’ll have a conversation when you get back and go from there.” 

With that, Genevie and Blake set out on their kayaking date. Things went so well that it ended with a kiss. 

“She opened my mind up. In a good way, I was not thinking about Jess,” Blake told the cameras. “Now I am… I’m in a weird place now.” 

Jess was also not thinking about Blake, as Tyler decided to strike up a conversation with her that ended in a passionate kiss.

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While new romances were heating up, Aaron was hoping to solidify his connection with Eliza. That hope was foiled, though, when Kat told Eliza that Charity had warned her about Aaron and his ex-girlfriend drama.

Eventually, Aaron and Eliza sat down to talk and he confessed that he had girlfriends before going on the show, though he said he never dated them at the same time and didn’t end things with them for The Bachelorette.

“You’re addressing this rumor that I heard about a girlfriend, but now it’s girlfriends… I could not follow,” Eliza told the cameras. “… I don’t feel like I got all the answers that I needed.”  

Those answers arrived in the form of Charity herself, who made her way onto the beach to check in on her friends. As Eliza pulled Charity to discuss the situation, Aaron was worrying in a confession.

“These rumors might ruin my life,” Aaron said. “… I have deep feelings for Eliza. I see us getting engaged and falling in love, but Charity can ruin all of that.” 

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The preview for next week’s episode shows more of the conversation between Charity and Eliza, in which the former woman warns the latter one that Aaron didn’t come on the show for the right reasons.

“All the dirty laundry is out there,” Aaron told the cameras, before telling Eliza, “I hold myself accountable, but obviously I’m afraid to lose you.”

“I don’t know if I can do this,” she replied.

The situation between Blake, Genevie and Jess will also come to a head during next week’s episode, as will Olivia and Kat’s pursuit of John Henry, who is seen kissing both women in the preview.

“She’s so narcissistic. She’s so rude. Kat, I’m coming for you,” Olivia says in a confessional, before an unsure John Henry leaves everyone shocked at the rose ceremony. 

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