Jennifer Aydin is admittedly obsessed with family, traditions, and Chanel — but Danielle Cabral isn’t on the list. 

At BravoCon in Las Vegas, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star gave ET’s Brice Sander an update on where she stands with her castmate following the September altercation that got them temporarily suspended from filming.

When asked by Sander if Cabral is currently a friend or could be a friend in the future, Aydin responded, “Danielle currently is not a thing for me.”

Asked where they stand after the incident, Aydin cryptically answered, “Right now, I would just say that everybody’s just trying to stay in their lane and we’re trying to concentrate on how great this is and that this is what it’s all about: being here with the fans,” she said. 

Added the mom of five, “Meeting them and being able to interact, for me, is the most important goal.”

Back in September, ET learned that both women were temporarily suspended from filming for the show while producers and the network investigated their altercation, which may have crossed physical bounds. They were reportedly given written warnings and cleared to film again later that month. 

Meanwhile, the reality star made it clear she wanted to concentrate on the positive over this eventful weekend and manifest “good things.”

On that note, Aydin told Sander she and her husband, Dr. Bill Aydin, are “back with a vengeance” after his past infidelity was revealed during season 12 of the show. 

“If anything, we’re stronger than we’ve ever been,” she said while standing alongside him. “21 years, five kids… a happy home.”

Added Bill, “We can always learn to make each other happy.”

Jennifer continued, “It’s about respect and letting things go and not holding a grudge and when you move on from something, you truly move on. You don’t throw it in their face every time you get into an argument.”

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