Melissa Gorga is spilling the tea on where she stands with sister-in-law and Real Housewives of New Jersey castmate Teresa Guidice following their explosive falling out. 

Talking with ET from the carpet of BravoCon 2023, Melissa, 44, said that filming on their reality show was completely different after wrapping their most recent season. In June, the pair went head to head in the season 13 reunion episode where they aired out their grievances, including Melissa and husband Joe Gorga’s decision not to attend Guicide’s wedding in September 2022 to Louie Ruelas. 

During the reunion, Guidice told Melissa that she couldn’t wait to “never f**king look” at her face again. Then, in an interview with ET, Guidice, 51, said she’s “not even thinking about” reconciling with her brother and his wife. 

“Melissa, BravoCon weekend, a Jersey cast divided — question mark?” ET’s Brice Sander asked. “What is the vibe for the crew after wrapping the latest season?” 

“I don’t think there is a question mark, I think there is a period,” the mom of three told ET.

“It’s unfortunate. There is not a real team happening here so it’s just it is what it is,” Melissa said, adding that they are still managing to work through filming despite their differences and history. 

“We make it work right? Somehow we are all professionals and we are making it happen,” she continued.

Bravo/ Jocelyn Prescod

As for what fans can expect from the upcoming season, Melissa said she really only has the insight to give on one side of the series. 

“Honestly, I don’t know what’s being filmed on the other side,” she said. 

Melissa added that while they haven’t done much filming together following the “bloodbath” ending to season 13, she has been around her sister-in-law since then. The future of their relationship, however? Still very much up in the air. 

“We have been in the same room together.I don’t know who is saying that we haven’t,” she said. “We both have zero desire to communicate and I think it’s better that way. Like, boundaries.” 

As for other major changes coming to season 14, Melissa confirmed rumors that cast member and former friend Jackie Goldschneider had migrated over to Teresa’s side following the dramatic season 13 ending. 

Melissa said she wishes Goldschneider the best in her friendship with Guidice and that she doesn’t hold any ill-will towards her at this time. 

“Jackie is so kind to my face and so nice to my face, but I keep hearing like random like press rumblings or like podcast things she will say,” she said. “She thinks I am annoyed with her because of her new friendship and I think that she just wishes I was annoyed with her.” 

“God bless, have fun, we all know that like — you know she is doing what she needs to do and have fun with that,” Melissa said. 

In September, ET’s Rachel Smith spoke to castmate Goldschneider who revealed that the sisters-in-law have filmed scenes for the show’s 14th season together even after their April fight. 

In spite of the lack of scenes where Melissa and Guidice are going at each other, Goldschneider said season 14 will be one that fans can look forward to. 

“I will say, it’s a testament to the show that we’re having a fantastic season, even without Teresa and Melissa destroying each other,” Jackie said. “I don’t know for sure that we need that. It’s a great season.” 




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