Tyler Perry got emotional during his Tuesday appearance on The View. The 54-year-old filmmaker was on the morning show to promote his new documentary about his life, which is titled Maxine’s Baby after his mom, Maxine Willie Perry, who died in 2009.

During his discussion with the panelists, Sara Haines told Perry that she felt like she met his mom after watching the film.

“OK. Wait a  minute. That took me… You met… Wow. You met my mother? You met my mother through it? Wow,” Perry responded while getting choked up. “Thank you. Oh my god. Wow.”

“To say that you met her through that, that takes me somewhere, because this woman endured so much pain, and she didn’t have some legacy but she had me. To say that I was able to introduce her to you, you got me there, man,” Perry continued through tears. “I’m sorry. Lord have mercy. Thank you for that. I appreciate that very much. Wow.”

Haines tried to move the conversation on at that point, but Perry, clearly still emotional, interrupted her.

“I’m sorry, guys,” he said. “You met my mother through the doc. You really got me there. I need to get myself together. Wow. I don’t even know what to say about it.”

Perry went on to explain why Haines’ comment resonated with him.

“I just imagine a woman who’s lived her entire life with so much pain, and she was always worried about everybody else. I watched her get sick, I watched her get cancer, I watched her have all of these things, because her intention was, ‘Are you happy? Are you OK?'” he said. “She never put herself on the list. She never thought she was important, and she never thought anybody would care. So to say that this documentary… introduces her to the world, that moves me ’cause she was very much that special to me.”

Maxine’s Baby will premiere Nov. 17 on Prime Video.





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