*Caution: Spoilers Ahead! 

It’s been a whopping 100 days inside the Big Brother house, and fans have seen some controversial and divisive gameplay and truly mind-blowing twists —  but Big Brother Season 25 has finally crowned a new champion.

Sunday’s two-hour finale came down to the final three houseguests, who have been swimming around the same alliances for most of the season — Jag Bains, Matt Klotz and Bowie Jane.

So who won the title of champion? Scroll down for the big reveal! Otherwise, here’s how everything played out during Thursday’s jampacked finale!

With only three people left in the house, the competition heated up quickly — beginning with an endurance comp that would determine who would nab the first of two spots on the season’s final Head of Household competition.

The challenge saw Bowie Jane, Matt and Jag suspended on a large inflatable ball, above a pool filled with foam blocks as they were pelted with rain and slime — whoever held on for longest won. 

Bowie Jane was the first to slip, after a grueling hour and a half run. Eventually, Jag and Matt played a game of rock, paper, scissors to determine who would drop. Matt won and Jag fell just shy of three hours.


With Matt’s place in the final HOH comp secured, Jag had to go head-to-head against Bowie Jane in a memory challenge. Specifically, they were tasked with placing placards featuring the names of every competition from the season, and putting them in the correct Big Brother Universe that the challenges spawn from.

Despite being a relatively straightforward memory challenge, both houseguests struggled. Jag pulled off a win, but only because it took Bowie Jane a full 90 minutes to pull it off, as opposed to Jag’s lackluster 62 minutes.

So, the final HOH all came down to Jag and Matt — somewhat fitting, considering their alliance began almost at the start of the season. In fact, at one point early on Jag actually got evicted, but Matt had gotten a secret power to save someone, and he used it on Jag, keeping him in the game to everyone’s shock.

The final HOH was also a memory challenge — only this one tested their knowledge of the evicted houseguests who made up this season’s jury. Matt and Jag were tied the whole game, and it wasn’t until a special, difficult tie-breaker question that Jag became the final Head of Household.

While Bowie Jane did her best to win Jag over, he decided to stay true to his friend and ally, and brought Matt along to the final two, honoring his word.

Bowie Jane was all smiles as she exited, and spoke with host Julie Chen Moonves about Jag’s decision.

“I am proud of him, he is an amazing human and we had this discussion going from four to three and I said to him, ‘You need to think about what’s going to make you feel good after the show.'” Bowie shared. “And he has been with Matt since the start, so he’s got to do the right thing.”


“I tried my very best, but yeah, I’m proud of him and I just can’t wait to meet his family and all the families here,” she exclaimed. “Matt and Jag are the best people ever!”

Bowie then took her place on the jury alongside America Lopez, Felicia Cannon, Cirie Fields, Blue Kim, Cory Wurtenberger and Cameron Hardin.

So, who is the Big Brother Season 25 Champion?

After the jury asked their questions — with each jury member grilling the contestants on the details of their gameplay — it was time for the final speeches, and the guys went all out (or, at least, Jag did.)

Matt was up first, and he calmly detailed his different decisions, and how he overcame being deaf in a game that is so heavily based on whispered secrets. It was a nuanced and compelling examination of his gameplay.

Jag decided to go in with a bit more fervor, telling the jurors, “I am standing where I am standing and you are sitting where you are sitting because I have willed it to be that way!”

“It is not by luck, it is not by mistake, it is because I signed your eviction notice!” Jag continued, with an unexpected level of fire and passion. “My hands are covered in your blood! I am the most dominant, masterful, and strategic player in this house. I don’t only deserve to win, I have earned this victory!”

And with that, it was time to vote. And by a vote of 5 to 2, the new Big Brother champion is…

… Jag Bains!

Bains was overcome with emotion as he was declared a winner of the $750,000 grand prize, and there was a lot of love between himself and Matt — who is walking away with the $75,000 runner-up prize.

“I am on top of the world,” Jag declared when Julie asked how he felt in the moment. “This has been the greatest experience of my life, and to be able to win this with integrity and loyalty the whole time is exactly what I wanted to do and I just hope I made my family proud.”

Meanwhile, everyone was surprised when it was revealed that Cameron Harding was named “America’s Favorite Houseguest, netting him a special $50,000 prize!





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