A man was caught on camera chucking a brick into the window of a gay bar in New York City … and it’s reportedly been the 4th attack on the spot in a week.

The clip shows the unknown man walking up to VERS located in Hell’s Kitchen Saturday night — after hurling the brick at the window, he runs off as people nearby quickly turn their attention to the building.

Oddly enough, the guy appears to come back to the scene … and it looks like he’s trying to blend in — he even points down the street, seemingly directing people toward the assailant.

This attack was the 4th in the past week … according to owner David DeParolesa, who told the New York Postshatterproof glass windows were installed when he bought the place back in July — anticipating anti-gay attacks.

He calls the string of attacks “unnerving,” seeing it as “yet another manifestation of hate against our community.”

The video appears to have been shot the exact same night as a gunman opened fire at Club Q, a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs … as we reported, 22-year-old Anderson Lee Aldrich was taken into custody — and reportedly 5 victims have died, with another 25 injured.

JUNE 2021


Aldrich had a troubling rap sheet, BTW — getting arrested back in June 2021 after allegedly making a bomb threat against his mother.



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