Ahead of Minx‘s return on Starz, ET has the exclusive look at new images of season 2 featuring stars Ophelia Lovibond as editor Joyce Prigger and Jake Johnson as publisher Doug Renetti as well as series newcomer Elizbeth Perkins, who joins the cast as Constance.

The deeper look at the upcoming episodes for the series created by Ellen Rapoport also gives viewers a sneak peek at the rest of the main ensemble for the workplace comedy, including Idara Victor as Tina, Jessica Lowe as Bambi, Lennon Parham as Shelly and Oscar Montoya as Richie.

Picking up after the events of season 1, Minx continues to follow Joyce, the earnest young feminist who first joined forces with Doug, a low-rent publisher, to launch the first erotic magazine for women, as they grapple with their unexpected success, a new influx of money, increased fame and new temptations that may prove challenging to navigate.

As Starz puts it, they’ll be put in situations “that either of them know how to handle.”

Of course, the new episodes see the unexpected duo reuniting despite the two parting ways, with Joyce taking control of Minx and Doug’s company, Bottom Dollar Publication, seemingly in ruins by the end of the first installment.


Meanwhile, the rest of the Minx staff all appeared to be headed in different directions, with Tina getting accepted to multiple business school programs, Shelly deciding to stay with her husband, Lenny (Rich Sommer), and Richie turning down Doug’s offer as the publication’s new art director.

But as the new images show, the staff has seemingly come back together to support Minx‘s newfound success, while Bambi and Shelly appear to be caught in a compromising position, suggesting the spark between those two hasn’t faded.

When Parham spoke to ET about Shelly and Bambi’s unexpected relationship, she shared her hopes for where things might go in season 2 while reflecting on how things ended up in season 1.

“She goes down this wormhole of feeling good with Bambi,” Parham said of Shelly’s sexual awakening. But after their night together, her character “kind of gets shocked out of it when she sees how messy the house is. Like, her mom instincts kick in… and she realizes this is probably a folly and decides it’s not tenable at the moment.”

However, the actress had her fingers crossed that in the future, Shelly’s mind could change. “We’ll see. I’m excited,” Parham said at the time. And it seems that her wish has come true, with Shelly and Bambi appearing to get back together in some fashion.


Meanwhile, Rapoport previously dished on her excitement for season 2, which was saved by Starz after Max canceled the series despite renewing it for more episodes and it having nearly wrapped production at the time. “I’m absolutely thrilled to be joining the Starz family, and for the opportunity to introduce Minx to a brand new audience. We’ve found the perfect home,” she shared in a statement to ET.

She added, “Our writers, cast and crew have created something truly special in season 2, and I can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

While season 2 doesn’t debut until the end of July, fans of the series can get a sneak peek of the premiere at the ATX TV Festival, with Johnson and Lovibond discussing the new episodes during the Minx screening and panel on Friday, June 2.

See all the new images from season 2:

Minx season 2 will premiere Friday, July 21 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Starz and will be available to stream on the Starz app starting at midnight. Season 1 is currently streaming on the Starz app.


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